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2018-08-26 - 1:31 p.m.

I just bought a lot of 18 (maybe more) dolls off of Craigslist. A secret about me is that I love dolls and read doll review blogs for fun. I don't collect dolls (and in some ways, don't really see the point of collecting dolls) but I did love playing with them when I was a kid and so there remains this aspect of me that admires pretty dolls and wishes my kids would play with them so I could live vicariously through them.

I am considering giving my older two a "nice" play doll for the holidays (American Girl or something like that). So that is why I bought this lot of dolls--it was a good price for an American Girl doll and two Magic Attic dolls (which I never had as a kid and I remember) and then a whole bunch of porcelain dolls and some Cabbage Patch dolls and some other random dolls. I will definitely be getting 15 or so of the dolls and then I plan to restore the other ones to their former glory and either sell them or give them to the kids.

The funny and embarrassing thing about it is just how excited I am about this project. And also it is funny just how many dolls are now crammed into our storage room in the basement since I don't want the kids to see anything until I have decided for sure what to do with the items.


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