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2018-11-15 - 8:39 a.m.

Had a nostalgia dream that I was in a "band" with Kari and Chaunte (and a couple others but I can't remember who now that I am awake). I put band in quotes because from the dream it really seemed like we were just playing one show. I was the singer, but only yelled. In the crowd, Alissa was handing out pizzas. It seemed like Old Provo, but Chris walked into the crowd and I remember feeling in the dream surprised. And I yelled, "We are really HAPPY to see you."

This is my second dream this week where someone who is dead in real life appeared in the dream as a sort of ghost.

Writing this gives me a kick, too, because I know Chris thought it was boring when people wrote diaryland entries (or just talked) about their dreams.


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